Winter League

Winter League 2017



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WL – Round 1 WL – Round 2  WL – Round 3 WL – Round 4


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 WL – Round 5  WL – Round 6 WL – Round 7  CANCELLED


‘Final Qualifiers’ list below:

Top 9
1st – Gareth Marks
2nd – Tony New
3rd – Brian Procter
4th – Dave Hall
5th – Dave Christopherson
6th – Phil Taylor
7th – Peter Hawkes
8th – Tony Hawkes
T9th – Matthew Robinson
T9th – Denis Whiteley
T9th – Steve Anning

Highest Total (3)
98 – Malcolm Kenny
95 – Steve Shorrock
95 – Tim Watts

Highest Single (1)
25 – John Hogarth

Ladies & Juniors
1st – Abigail Shorrock
2nd – Callum Hall
3rd – James Bracken


9:00 – Meet at Golf Academy (Coffee & Tea Available)
9:05 – Competition Proceedings, Local Rules & Other Info
9:20 – Walk out to Tees
9:30 – TEE OFF (18 Holes)

I conservatively expect the round to take between 3.5 to 4 hours, however, as always we endorse avoiding slow play when possible.

We will do a mini presentation with a photo on the day, then we will do a proper presentation at the AGM/ Presentation at the end of the year.

PLEASE CAN YOU SEND YOUR CONFIRMATION OR WITHDRAWAL TO ME BEFORE FRIDAY (as I would like to do the draw before Saturday morning).

N.B. We expect to have the 9th hole ready for Saturday and all tees (apart from 9th) will be set back to their competition placements.

Winter League 2016


The Final

Congratulations go toWinner Oliver Butterworth in winning the Myerscough Golf Club 2016 Winter League. Oliver carded an excellent round, scoring 45 points over the 18 hole stableford event. The wet conditions were testing for all the qualifiers, fortunately the sun was out by the first tee off time. This combined with the excellent work and course preparations undertaken by the college grounds staff certainly made it possible for the event to be played.



Runner up and third place goes to Brian Proctor and Phil Taylor both scoring 36 points. Brian Proctor winning on count back, a great effort by both players. Three players (Brian Procter, Gareth Marks and Kieran Hogarth) carded birdie’s on one of the par 3 holes during the event.


Winter League 2016 final draw



2016 Final Qualifiers

Aaron Ball   –   Adam Connell
Gareth Marks    –   James Bracken
Kieran Hogarth    –   Nick Bracken
Oliver Butterworth    –   Phil Taylor
Steven Shorrock   –    Tony New

Barry Jackson    –   Brian Procter
Darren Beck    –   Dave Hall



R2  R3   R4
WL1-2016u1 WL2-2016  WL3-2016  WL4-2016 


R6   R7 R8
WL5 – Cancelled  WL6-2016   WL7-2016 WL8-2016 

Winter League 2015

Top three places in the Winter League Final

1st -John Hogarth

2nd – Kieran Hogarth

3rd – Keith Bracken

Winter League Final Results

All prizes will be presented at the End of Sean Awards Presentation and AGM

The following players qualified for the Winter League playoff.

Top Nine Placed
Ged Fisher,  Gareth Marks, Tim Watts, Robb Thompson, Matthew Robinson, Tony New, Brendan Hadley, Kieran Hogarth & James Leyland.

Highest Overall Scores
Sean Lawless, Keith Bracken & Nick Bracken.
Highest Single Score
John Hogarth (Count back)
Highest Placed Ladies
 Abigail Shorrock
Highest Juniors
 Jack Williams, Adam Connell & Callum Hall.

Congratulations to ALL finalists, please make sure that you contact us to confirm that you will be at the final! Timings and proceedings will be posted soon, when agreed.



Q2  Q3   Q4
Winter League 2015 Week 1 Winter League 2015 Week 2  Winter League 2015 Week 3   Winter League 2015 Week 4


Q6   Q7  Q8
Winter League 2015 Week 5 Winter League 2015 Week 6  Winter League 2015 Week 7 (A)   CANCELLED



Winter League 2014

Final Day Round Up


To begin we would like to thank everyone who made the winter league the most successful one yet! with over 40 players taking part, totalling to more than 260 rounds played. Complimenting our 40+ entrants to the league, we had a great mix of: junior/ female and male players. We would like to congratulate all those who made it to this year’s final; however there can only be one winner! we would like to congratulate PETER WALTON on his victory in this year’s final. He has secured his place in the Club Pro-Am taking place at Windermere Golf Club this August. Not forgetting our 2nd to 6th place finishers, winning themselves:Winter League Winner

2nd (Sean Lawless): £50

3rd (Tim Watts): £40

4th (Adam Connell): £35

5th (Phil Taylor): £30

6th (Kieran Hogarth): £25

(The relevant accounts will be credited the amount shown above to be used at Myerscough Golf Club.)

A further congratulations goes out to Adam Connell (Highest Placed Junior) and Abigail Shorrock (Highest Placed Lady).

2’s prizes will be given out at the annual presentation along with a re-giving of the trophies. LOOKING AHEAD! We have the summer league sign up ready to begin, those who are interested please contact either John or myself and let the great golf continue!! 


Qualifiers 2014

The following players have qualified for the Winter League playoff.

Top Nine Placed
Tony Hawkes, Sean Lawless, Peter Walton, Darren Beck, Tony New, Dave Hall, Brian Proctor, Phil Taylor, Gareth Marks,
Highest Overall Scores
Tim Watts, Kevin Coey
Highest Single Score
Will McGhie
Highest Placed Ladies
Sue Coupe, Barbara Jones
Highest Juniors
Kieran Hogarth, Adam Connell

The first tee off will be at 10.00. All qualifiers are to have checked in with club officials by no later than 09.45. Players arriving later than 09.45 will be no be entered into the final (unless they can make the first tee at 10,00 and have informed the pro staff prior to 09.45). All those who have qualified please confirm availability as soon as possible.

The draw for groupings and tee allocation will be made ( 4 x 3 ball and 1 x 4 ball, if all confirm) on the afternoon of Friday 11th April. This will be posted on the noticeboard in reception.

The 2014 Winter League is upon us. Click on the links below to check the leader board.


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